MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — As we continue with our Remarkable Woman series, we’re looking at a woman who isn’t originally from North Dakota but says she found her permanent home here.

Amy Rogers is a wife, a mother, and a real estate agent.

Her journey to Minot started six and a half years ago when the Air Force brought her husband and her family to town.

“The very first day we arrive in Minot it was a blizzard of course because it’s North Dakota, why not? It was a blizzard and a stranger shows up with Christmas cookies. I don’t even know where they came from. There’s no driving, like where did you come from? And we have warm Christmas cookies and we’re brand new to the town. So basically from the first five minutes that we arrived, I never wanted to leave,” said Rogers.

When her husband is away on deployment, she says the Minot community steps up to the plate.

“He’s gone for a week or two at a time, it’s not so bad. The Minot community is so supportive that we don’t really feel a huge void because there’s always people who are willing to help carry the burden and the weight,” said Rogers.

And she says during the Covid-19 Pandemic, North Dakota was a great place to live.

During the pandemic, she would often visit yard sales and that sparked a great idea for her.

It led to new endeavors: refinishing furniture and eventually investing in homes.

“I would go around and I would find little pieces of furniture and so I started Yellow Door Home Decor. And refinishing the furniture taught me a weird set of skills and then I renovated my face, which was also a set of skills. And from there, we started just buying up houses and we started up Yellow Door Homes,” said Rogers.

Each of the properties has a yellow door to symbolize bringing new light and life into the community.

Rogers says she doesn’t think that it’s remarkable that she’s involved in Minot.

She says it’s what she’s supposed to do.

“When we take a home that needs love and we take a shell of a house and we turn it into a beautiful home for someone, that’s neat. That’s a neat thing that I get to do and I get to give back to the community and it’s a nice thing to take a place that needs love and make it a home for someone else, but I don’t consider myself particularly remarkable,” said Rogers.

And she has advice for those who are new to the Minot area or will be stationed at the Minot Air Force Base in the future.

“Get involved in the community. Go to church, send your kids to school, be involved in after-school programs, PTA, there’s so many options to be involved in Minot. And there’s so many affordable options to be involved in Minot and to give back. It’s just a great community and if you do get orders to Minot Air Force Base, congratulations. It’s a good opportunity,” said Rogers.

Rogers says North Dakota is the permanent home for her family.