Over the course of this month, we’ll talk about remarkable women on a daily basis. But what does it mean to be a remarkable woman?

If you ask someone what a remarkable woman is, many would respond with someone that is unusual or special in a way that makes people notice them and be surprised or impressed.

“She has not only pushed me to be a greater version of myself but she’s always seeing something in me that sometimes it’s hard for me to recognize,” said mentee Edynn Glett.

“She is just like family to me. I can talk to her about anything — I do talk to her about anything,” said mentee Tessa Monzelousky.

“She is very empathetic and she knows when you’re down and she tries to help you out,” said mentee Larissa Harrison.

They’re all referring to one remarkable woman in particular: 39-year-old April Lund.

She’s originally from Mount Vernon, Illinois, and later moved to Bismarck. But it’s her years in Bismarck that made her feel right at home — especially by those around her.

“April is just the kindest and genuine person I have ever met,” Glett said.

Now, life at times may knock us all off course.

Lund has been knocked to the bottom, but she has survived, abuse, addiction and personal loss.

Despite the battles against her, Lund has served her community tremendously 10 times harder. She was even surprised that she was listed as a remarkable woman.

“When you called I was like ‘What…I don’t know!’ I believe that life is all about impact and how we impact others and I know that the more I volunteer and I try to help others the more God blesses me,” she said.

She also serves on the boards of Go Red For Women Executive Leadership Team with the American Heart Association, the USATF Long Distance Running Committee and the Bismarck Marathon Committee, and is the president of the GYS Track Club.

“It stands to get you some motivation, some teamwork, friendship, some courage, some results,” said Lund.

And one of her favorite services she works for? The Polar Plunge Special Olympics.

“Because everyone deserves to be on a team…everyone deserves to be included and everyone deserves to shine,” she said.

Her friends and family consider her a pusher.

Though she’s a fitness coach, they say she coaches them through life as well, in any way she can, and she won’t give up on you.

“She is the person that pushes me and sees potential and she does that with everybody…like she can see the potential in you and she will not stop until she is watching you thrive and grow and become a better person,” said Monzelousky.

And if her service boards weren’t enough to show how remarkable Lund is, it doesn’t stop there.

Outside of buddy walks for Down syndrome, she hosts a TV show which she says helps bring a different perspective to the world.

She also hosts seminars to empower others the way she has been.

Her husband, Jeff Lund, says he is surprised by April day after day.

“April is somebody who’s different from anyone I’ve ever met…kinda what attracted me to her is the way she treated other people,” he said.

“Life is definitely an adventure with April, we’re always doing new things, trying new stuff and volunteering and whatnot.”

Now if you were to research Lund, you’d see headlines of how an amazing runner outran her alcohol addiction or something similar, but when her family and friends see her, they see their friend, their coach, their wife and the person who motivates them.

“Her past is not who she is today, but it’s who made her who she is,” her husband added.

“It just means so much to be appreciated or to know that I’m making a difference…because life is hard, life is hard for all of us, and to know that I can just help one person makes everything I’ve ever been through worth it,” said Lund.

Right now, Lund is in Kenya and will be preparing for the upcoming Nike marathon.