A woman who is no stranger to hard work is a business owner, a dedicated North Dakota State University Bison fan and puts her family and others first.

She may not consider herself remarkable, but others do, making her one of KX News’ four finalists for Remarkable Woman of the Year.

Dorothy Martwick hails from a large family…or so it seemed.

“There’s only seven of us,” she said with a smile. “Myself and six siblings so that’s not that large.”

When they were kids, they were helping hands on the farm in Drake.

Starting at just 9 years old, Martwick says she drove the family tractor from sun up to sundown.

That upbringing taught her quite a bit about work ethic as life progressed.

“At one time I had three jobs and a little kid and I drove an hour to school and work,” Martwick explained. “So, yeah. Once I made up my mind that that’s what I was going to do [her education], I went for it.”

She has many titles at Century 21 Action Realtors: sales manager, broker and owner.

One might say that makes sense, considering she’s worked there since 1993.

“I like the variety,” she said. “I went to college I graduated from Minot State with a Bachelors in accounting and I worked at a CPA firm for about 10 years. I feel that was kind of boring.”

Being as busy as she is, life doesn’t seem too boring anymore. Certainly not at work, overseeing nearly 40 agents.

Outside of work, she especially enjoys NDSU Bison games where two of her nephews played.

“My mother, their grandmother, is passed away for a long time. So I kind of view myself as a substitute grandmother to them.”

She guesses she’s missed only three games in the past eight years.

While there, she’s an unofficial photographer, taking photos of more than her nephews, too — and is sure to share with families.

This fall will be the first in nearly a decade that she won’t have family out on the field.

“I still have some Bison but they’re not like, MY Bison,” she said.

When she’s not following the team, she helps who she can.

“I’m not overly ‘volunteery.’ But when people need something, I do it.”

One of her biggest passions is helping to provide opportunities for kids in rural towns like where she came from. She said, “I think it’s important that they see what’s out there.”

Another passion of hers is hosting a charity golf tournament in honor of a Drake student who died playing football when he was a senior in high school about 15 years ago.

All the money raised goes toward a memorial scholarship in his name.

To Martwick, she simply does what she enjoys. But to others, she’s remarkable.