BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — You may know her from her work with Ministry on the Margins, but there may be a lot more to her than meets the eye.

KX News met with Sister Kathleen Atkinson to learn more about what makes her a remarkable woman.

“A remarkable woman is someone who knows herself deeply rooted in all of her strengths and all of her weaknesses, and can hold them lightly not taking yourself too seriously, but even more importantly, taking yourself with the worthiness that you have,” said Sister Kathleen.

From being active with those on the street, ministering in the state penitentiary, and of course Ministry on the Margins, it could be said that Sister Kathleen Atkinson does not sit down.

But what she stands for is truly remarkable. She shares that her love for serving has always been natural.

“Service is naturally who I am because I’ve been so blessed and I’ve been involved with a family who’s been about service and so you grow up it’s what you do you do you do projects you do Girl Scouts and it just goes into this is how it looks like when I’m an adult now,” said Sister Kathleen.

Her biggest personal achievement is seeing people come together and form something amazing, Ministry on the Margins.

And, as she continues to serve her community the best way she can, she says she will do so with a creative and resilient mindset.

She tells us, when she isn’t lifting a hand and helping those around her, she still remains busy.

“I love to connect, I love to have coffee, I love to have lunch. I love to have dinner. I love to talk to people with that connection. I love to travel,” she shared.

Well, we are sure this will not be the last time we connect with Sister Kathleen, as she continues to do remarkable things in our area.

Sister Kathleen’s goals moving forward are to make our community feel connected as one and to get in touch with her life on a more spiritual level.