There are chapters in our lives we never expected to write — and others we were simply destined to live.

Suzi Sobolik is an avid reader. But you could also say she’s a writer of sorts…constantly writing and revising new chapters in her life.

“I have many roles, but I always make sure my life as mom is first. And then I serve the community in many different ways,” said Suzi.

She serves her home of Dickinson in a professional capacity as a physical therapist, having earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of North Dakota.

Suzi says she works on-call, primarily covering for other physical therapists out on maternity leave.

“When I was a young PT, there was no one to cover for us. And so it’s been a fun role for me to cover for those moms so that they can take a full leave,” she added.

Her family, including her three kids and husband, is at the center of much of what Suzi does.

That includes serving as a board liaison for Steffes Corporation, a business that’s been in Suzi’s family for generations.

“I felt like having that strong basis of knowledge, by having a Master’s in business, would just be a good way for me to take off running as we’re doing some work in the business so I got that degree from the University of Mary two years ago,” said Suzi.

But on the day we visited with her, Suzi wasn’t working. She was volunteering her time with Leadership Dickinson, a program of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce that Suzi was instrumental in getting back up and running in 2010, after the program took a brief hiatus.

“I think kids can learn skills they wouldn’t necessarily learn at school. Like today, we learned about budgeting about the bank and just a lot of different career paths that you can take. Like you don’t necessarily have to go to high school, get a four-year degree, and then just go work. Like there’s many different ways that people can be successful,” said Dickinson High School Senior Claire Kreidt.

Leadership Dickinson helps high school students become community-minded and develop leadership skills through community projects.

“Suzi’s kids go to my school. And I’ve always noticed her and looked up to her as a female role model in our community as she’s a city commissioner and she holds a lot of different positions in our community,” said Trinity High School Senior Reilly Meyer.

And being a city commissioner is one chapter in Suzi’s life that she never expected to write.

“In 2020, during the pandemic, I went door to door and was knocking on people’s doors. And would step back six feet and would visit with people,” she said.

An unexpected chapter for Suzi, and whatever chapter this remarkable woman decides to write next in her book of life, it will most likely be a page-turner.

Suzi is one of our four Remarkable Women finalists.