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Remarkable Women

For the past month, we’ve featured 4 semi-finalists for our Remarkable Women contest.

While we did crown a winner, we felt more women deserved to have their stories told.
Day in and day out thousands of North Dakota women give great things to their workplace, their families, and their communities.

In March, during the 10 pm news, we will continue to tell the stories of women who take initiative and push for progress.

Alysia Huck takes us to Linton to see the influence a teacher can have on not just her students, but her peers.

“It all starts with the relationship, and I love to visit with people and I want people to enjoy their day,” Erin Huber, PreK-6 Principal shares. “We’re all here for the same reason, it’s to put kids first.”

And every day, that is what Linton Elementary Principal Erin Huber does, she enjoys her day by building relationships, putting kids first, and teaching students to be kind.

“Right away I found that the minute I built a relationship with one of my students, I was able to get more from them and they were able to enjoy school even when school was tough,” says Huber.

Erin, who is also a wife, mother of 4 and pursuing her master’s degree, taught in the classroom for several years.

When the principal position opened last year, she saw it as an opportunity to continue working with each student for the duration of their elementary career.

“It was kind of a win for me,” explains Huber. “I questioned myself over and over and over, like am I doing the right thing? Am I cut out for this? Is this something I’ll be good at? But I thought if I always do what my mission was as a teacher, and that’s to put kids first, to help kids grow, and growth looks different for every kid. Sometimes growth is confidence, and academics come next. That for me is my driving force every day. “

Another driving force for Huber is kindness.

She sees the small community of Linton as the perfect place to teach her students the importance of being involved and spreading the love.

Erin has done so by bringing students out into the community and showing them first-hand

“It’s more about the connections and real-life application than it is about the worksheet or the piece of right there and I think the more we help kids understand that these things we ask them to do have a bigger purpose,” says Huber.

While Erin is now principal, she has continued to stay involved in the classroom.
She says third grade is a pivotal point in the reading journey, so she decided to immerse herself back into the classroom with a topic she loves.

“At first I was like (sigh) did I do the right thing putting myself in the classroom too? But we worked through it, and it really seems to work and it keeps me true to my staff because I remember every day what they go through and struggles to make gains and to come up with new and engaging lessons and to keep kids growing and learning,” says Huber.

“Mrs. Huber is one of those all-around employees … leads in the building and leads outside of the building with a young family of her own,” shares Paul Keeney, Superintendent. “She seems to never lose energy and brings that to her job everyday and she’s a welcomed presence all over Linton and our school.”

“I think she’s just easy to talk to,” says Lacey Jangula, Elem/MS Administrative Assistant. “I think a lot of the teachers feel very comfortable with her. She’s great with the kids, they all really like her, they are very responsive to her, they know what’s expected but they’re not afraid to come in and talk to her about anything. She’s very approachable and I think that’s one of her great qualities as a principal.”

And how does Huber keep that energy up and positivity going?

“I just think that embracing every day, and having gratitude is so important and I try to remind myself all the time of how lucky I am that I was given this opportunity,” shares Huber.

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