KX News will be honoring Remarkable Women throughout western North Dakota in February and March. We received more than 60 nominations from you, our viewers, of incredible women making a difference in our local communities.

From that group, four women have been chosen as semi-finalists to be the KX News Remarkable Woman. The final winner will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York, and they will be in the running for Nexstar’s nationwide 2020 Woman of the Year.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of remarkable women in the Bismarck-Mandan community. The one you are about to meet is a semi-finalist in Nexstar’s Remarkable Woman Contest.

Her life is busy. You and I might call it chaotic — but she’ll never say that. Thea Jorgensen said her life is simply fulfilled. She is the definition of a Remarkable Woman.

Jorgensen is a soldier in the Army National Guard, serving as a public affairs specialist.

She’s also a full-time 911 dispatcher for state radio, and a full-time business owner.

“I started my own business here, which is a fitness studio,” Jorgensen said, but all this work is just the first leg in a marathon. “I’ve been with Team Red, White and Blue, which is a national non-profit, for five years,” she explained

“I’m also the vice-chair for the state suicide prevention coalition. I’m actively involved as a board member for the 31:8 Project, which is a human trafficking non-profit agency. I’m also a board member for the Welcome House. I’m an ambassador for veterans outdoors adventures of North Dakota, and I was the director last year, and I’ll be co-director for BIO girls. And I think … that might be it?”

That’s just her more recent resume.

But that’s not it. She also presents and advocates for AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. That work has brought her to Washington D.C., to work with lawmakers fighting for change and awareness.

“People talk a lot about work-life balance, and I’m not a big believer in work-life balance, I just believe in being fulfilled,” said Jorgensen.

Her years of tireless work with nonprofits, she said, has brought meaning to her own life — a life that didn’t always feel fulfilled.

For the last 14 years, she’s struggled with severe depression. She said the last five years have been the hardest, but diving in to make a difference in other people’s lives has saved her own.

“So being involved and feeling like I have a purpose or I’m having an impact is literally what gets me through my days,” said Jorgensen.

She said everyone’s story is valid, and helping people share their stories is her passion, along with sharing her own. Every non-profit she’s involved with today has that same mission.

And what about her fitness studio? Well, that brings her story full circle.

“And [I] ended up using fitness as a way to cope with things I was going through, and that turned into a desire to help other people realize fitness can be a lot more than just work out and looking good,” said Jorgensen.

And let’s get back to her resume — we’re not done yet. Jorgensen was named Greatmats Personal Trainer of the year, and SCORE Foundation Small Business Champion. She also made a radio appearance on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show as a real-life superhero and has been featured a number of times as a local hidden hometown hero.