Men’s summer pajamas sets

When it heats up outside, the last thing you want to do is climb into bed, feeling overheated and sweaty. Luckily, there are plenty of breathable, lightweight and comfortable pajamas available for men that still have that cozy, classic feel of a flannel pajama but tailored for warmer weather.

Men’s summer pajamas: Key considerations

While you might be a t-shirt and boxer person, buying a pair of summer pajamas designed specifically for sleeping during warm nights is a great way to ensure you stay cool, which in turn helps you sleep better. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a great pajamas option.


The best summer pajamas are breathable. This means a lightweight material that’s stretchy or soft. Cotton is a classic choice as it won’t shrink, used in a series of blends, which might include bamboo (a softer material), acrylic (lightweight) or jersey (stretchy).


What are you most comfortable in when sleeping? Take into consideration your preference. Do you like loungewea,r or can you see yourself in a classic matching set? Or, would you rather just sleep in shorts with no top? Finding the best summer pajama starts with knowing what you’re most comfortable wearing. 


Consider the extra features that some pajamas offer, such as pockets, drawstrings or a fly. 

Men’s summer pajama shorts and pants

Latuza Men's Summer Cotton Pajamas Shorts Set

Latuza Men’s Summer Cotton Pajamas Shorts Set

What you need to know: This set is similar to the very classic, collared, button-down pajamas we all love, except with a short-sleeved top and button-fly shorts, making it perfect for summer. 

What you’ll love: If you love wearing this pajama-style, this set allows you to embrace the same classic flannel style but in the warmer months. The lightweight cotton material is breathable and you can choose between plaid or striped designs.

What you should consider: The washing and drying specifications for this material are pretty specific. It’s recommended that you first cash them in cold water and then hang them up to dry. 

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Lazy One Pajama Shorts for Men

Lazy One Pajama Shorts for Men

What you need to know: These pajama shorts are perfect for sleep or lounge in the summer. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and designs.

What you’ll love: The lightweight cotton material, drawstring waist and quirky design options are ideal for anyone looking for a fun pajama short to add to their summer sleep options.

What you should consider: This is not a set, but one pair of shorts that does not include options for a shirt.

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Ekouaer Mens Pajama Shorts Set

Ekouaer Mens Pajama Shorts Set

What you need to know: This cotton and acrylic blended, two-piece set includes a t-shirt and plaid shorts that are breathable and sweat-friendly for hot summer nights.

What you’ll love: This set is available in four colors or plaid options. The shorts include two pockets, rare in pajamas but great features for anyone who enjoys lounging around the house and needs extra space to store their phone, gadgets or lip balm. 

What you should consider: It’s recommended you hand wash them or wash them in a washing machine with cold water, meaning it requires a bit of extra care.

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Adicolor 3-Stripes Shorts

Adicolor 3-Stripes Shorts

What you need to know: While not exclusively a pajama short, these are a cozy option, made from Adidas classic fleece and cotton blend, that promises to put you into “chill mode.”

What you’ll love: This non-dyed option, made from recycled materials, includes deep pockets and a comfortable, light-yet-cozy design ideal for lounging, sleeping, or going for a run on a cool night. If you like them, you can grab a matching t-shirt (at an extra cost).

What you should consider: Although a short length, this option is not sweat-wicking and the design doesn’t prevent sweating. They are a neutral, comfortable option but are not ideal for those concerned with overheating while sleeping. 

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas

Fruit of the Loom Men's Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant

What you need to know: These drawstring pajama pants are an excellent option for those exclusively looking for full-length bottoms to wear during the summer months. The jersey-knit is lightweight and comfortable while still giving coverage that shorts do not provide.

What you’ll love: These pajama pants include several color options, an impressive range of sizes and the option for either one or two pairs (of the same color). 

What you should consider: These pants do not include a shirt; they are basic lounge pants designed to be lightweight.

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Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

What you need to know: The Latuza set features a V-neck, short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of shorts. The material is viscose (bamboo) and spandex.

What you’ll love: The set is specifically designed with materials to keep you cool, even on the hottest nights. It’s available in six sizes and seven color options.

What you should consider: While this pajama set is ideal for the summer, but unfortunately, the shorts don’t include a fly option. 

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Men’s CoolKeep Solid Performance Pajama Shorts

Men’s CoolKeep Solid Performance Pajama Shorts

What you need to know: These pajama shorts include anti-sweat and anti-odor capabilities to keep you cool and comfortable, even in the warmer months.

What you’ll love: The CoolKeep pajama shorts are a great addition to your sleep wardrobe for the summer months and beyond. They’re static proof, have two packers and come in a variety of colors. You can get a similar v-neck (made out of the same materials) but sold separately.

What you should consider: There is not a vast range of sizes available for this product, but they tend to fit short, so if you’re taller and looking for a looser fit, make sure you order a size larger than you usually would. 

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