Top cooling bed sheets to beat the heat

As summer heats up, it can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep. High temperatures and humidity can leave you tossing, turning and sweating all night. Poor-quality rest can make it hard to concentrate throughout the day and leave you tired and irritable.

Cooling bed sheets can solve this problem. With some sheets specifically created for hot sleepers and others naturally providing comfort in high temperatures, a wide range is available. Finding the right sheets can help keep your bed cool throughout the night.

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What to consider before you buy cooling sheets


Most modern bed sheets are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are great for sleepers who suffer from allergies related to dust and other airborne particulates. Hypoallergenic sheets deter dust mites and inhibit bacterial growth, leading to further irritation and odors.

All-season comfort

Some sheets are made for hotter temperatures. Others, such as those made from cotton, are appropriate for use all year long. There is value to be had in buying sheets that keep you comfortable no matter the season, but those options may compromise when it comes to cooling ability.

Thread count

Thread count is often used to measure the quality of a bed sheet. While manufacturers use thread count in their marketing, a high number does not necessarily mean you are getting a premium product. When it comes to modern bed sheets, it’s much more important to pay attention to material and craftsmanship.


A critical factor in keeping cool at night is breathability. Select a sheet that allows for good ventilation, won’t cling to your skin and will wick moisture away as opposed to absorbing it.

Sheet set pieces

Select a sheet set that includes a fitted sheet, a standard sheet and at least two pillowcases. Some sets include bed skirts and more, making them an even better value.


  • Cotton sheets have long been the preferred choice for hot sleepers. This natural material is light and breathable, and it will not retain moisture. Cotton is also the most affordable option. However, it is not hypoallergenic and tends to hold onto dust, pollen, dander and other particulates that may result in allergic reactions.
  • Tencel sheets are made from pulp derived from eucalyptus trees. This material is known for its light, delicate feel and coolness. It has a silky, shiny look to it that many people find to be luxurious. It is hypoallergenic and dries very quickly, making it ideal if you find yourself waking up sweaty.
  • Bamboo sheets are growing in popularity, thanks to their durability and wide range of options with regard to softness and thread count. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it repels dust mites. While cotton loses softness and accumulates pills after repeated washes, bamboo sheets get softer over time. This material comes at a higher cost than other options.
  • Polyester and other artificial materials are to be avoided. Synthetic sheets are budget-friendly, but they don’t provide good ventilation, stick to your skin and don’t wick away moisture. The chemicals used to produce them can also cause allergic reactions.

Best bamboo cooling sheets

Top bamboo sheets

Bampure Organic Bamboo Sheets

Bampure Organic Bamboo Sheets

What you need to know: These cooling sheets are comfortable, environmentally friendly and made from bamboo.

What you’ll love: The fitted sheets in this set feature an elastic band that wraps around mattresses up to 16 inches deep for a secure grip. These four-piece sets are offered in 12 colors and four sizes.

What you should consider: Some buyers feel these sheets wrinkle easily and are hard to keep smooth.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bamboo sheets for the money

Bedsure Cooling Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bedsure Cooling Bamboo Bed Sheets

What you need to know: This set of 100% bamboo sheets will keep you cool and comfortable on hot nights.

What you’ll love: These sheets are available in 11 colors and six sizes. Their twill weave makes them more durable than other bamboo sheets. This set includes a standard sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. 

What you should consider: Buyers have noticed some imperfections with the weave of these sheets. Those with especially thick mattresses may find the elastic straps inconvenient.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Tencel cooling sheets

Top Tencel sheets

Sijo Premium Tencel Sheet Set

Sijo Premium Tencel Sheet Set

What you need to know: This sheet set is made from 100% eucalyptus from forests that are certified by Tencel. 

What you’ll love: Sustainable and eco-friendly, these sheets get softer with each wash and have a longer life than cotton alternatives. Tencel is softer than silk and offers unparalleled cooling.

What you should consider: The thinness of these sheets makes them very cool, but some buyers may want something thicker.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Tencel sheets for the money

Valeron 100% Tencel Sheets

Valeron 100% Tencel Sheets

What you need to know: Sleep cool with this economic 100% Tencel sheet set.

What you’ll love: These sheets are great for anyone who wants to experience the comfort of Tencel without breaking the bank. They’re also available in five sizes and seven colors.

What you should consider: Buyers feel that these sheets aren’t very durable and fade after washing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best cotton cooling sheets

Top cotton sheets

California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets

California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets

What you need to know: Enjoy the soft, traditional feel of these high-quality cotton sheets.

What you’ll love: Great for year-round use, these sheets keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Available in 31 colors and seven sizes, this sheet set has a style and size for everyone.

What you should consider: These sheets are not as cool as bamboo or Tencel options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cotton sheets for the money

Shilucheng 6PC 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Shilucheng 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheets 

What you need to know: This cotton sheet set includes four pillowcases to accommodate those who prefer matching bedding.

What you’ll love: Buyers rave about the softness and quality of these sheets for the price. They are offered in 16 colors and all bed sizes.

What you should consider: Some buyers feel these sheets lack durability, as the elastic and seams aren’t as robust as expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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