Which name tags are best?

Name tags are one of the most commonly used tools in many group settings. When learning multiple peoples’ names, name tags can help participants get to know each person’s name more easily. For something simple, affordable and practical, this pack of 200 SolarPower Plain Name Tag Stickers with Colorful Border is a top pick for those wanting a straightforward sticker name tag pack.

What to know before you buy name tags


Considering how you’ll use your name tags will help you determine what types you’ll need and how many. If you’re getting them for a single event, for example, you may only need to consider the number of people attending and which single-use tags are the cheapest. For multiple events, you may prefer reusable name tags with higher-end customization options.

Reusable name tags vs. name tag stickers

While sticker name tags are most common, you can also get reusable name tags or those with custom engravings. Sticker name tags are usually the cheapest, but they may fall apart after a single use. Reusable name tags or those with custom options like magnets or engravings are more expensive, but they’ll last longer.


Deciding how many name tags you need is also an important thing to consider. Name tags frequently come in bulk packs, so knowing how many you’ll need will help you determine which pack to buy. Unlike luggage tags, which also include a person’s name, name tags can be used in several different settings, but they do typically require more than one to be rendered useful.

What to look for in quality name tags

Clear name display

The main purpose of a name tag is to convey a person’s name clearly to other people in a group. For that reason, having a name tag with a large, clear name display in the center is essential and is probably the most important feature for a name tag to include. Some sticker name tags also emphasize the name in the center by adding a colored border, making it easier to draw other peoples’ eyes to your name.

Easy to use

Having name tags that are foolproof is a great way to ensure they’ll be easy to use, no matter who walks in your door. Sticker name tags are usually straightforward enough for most individuals, though upgrading to magnetized name tags may require a little more of a learning curve for users since they don’t work as intuitively as a sticker.


While a name tag’s design doesn’t change much about its functionality, some throwing high-scale events or simply enjoying a specific aesthetic may also prioritize how a name tag looks. Users can also upgrade to custom engraved name tags with special designs if they’re going to be used by a single person over a long period.

How much you can expect to spend on name tags

Cheap name tags can be as inexpensive as $3 for a bulk pack of sticker labels, while the average paper name tag pack will usually range from $5-$8. For reusable plastic and metal name tags, as well as those with magnetic adhesion, you can usually expect to spend between $10-$30.

Name tags FAQ

What are name tags made out of?

A. The types of name tags available on the market are nearly as vast as the ocean, so they can be made from a variety of materials. In general, however, most single-use name tags are made out of adhesive sticker paper. Higher-quality engraved and reusable name tags are often made out of metals with magnets attached to adhere the tag to a person’s shirt.

Which side do name tags go on, right or left?

A. While it probably doesn’t matter too much which side you wear a name tag on as far as the label’s functionality goes, most businesses and organizations will recommend wearing it on your right so that it’s easily within view when extending your right hand for handshakes.

What are the best name tags to buy?

Top name tags

SolarPower 200 Plain Name Tag Stickers with Colorful Border

SolarPower 200 Plain Name Tag Stickers with Colorful Border

What you need to know: If you’re just looking for basic name tag stickers, this 200-pack features tags with four different border colors and space in the center for writing names.

What you’ll love: Measuring about 3 1/2 by 2 1/4  inches, these name tags are both super affordable and straightforward. Featuring borders in red, blue, green and yellow, they also feature an adhesive back that makes them easy to stick onto clothes, boxes and more.

What you should consider: Buyers that used these name tags for physical activity found it difficult to keep these name stickers from falling off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top name tags for money

Avery 100 White Adhesive Name Tags with Blue Border

Avery 100 White Adhesive Name Tags with Blue Border

What you need to know: Another basic take on name tags, these name labels come at an impressively low price, offering 100 adhesive name tags with decorative blue borders.

What you’ll love: These simple name tags are the most affordable bulk pack out there, with each label measuring 2 1/3 by 3 3/8 inches. Buyers can also purchase these name tags in a single pack or a six-pack, each with 100 name tag stickers.

What you should consider: Although they’re perforated, some had a difficult time separating these labels without tearing them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Greatmag 60 Magnetic Name Tags with Self-Adhesive Tape

Greatmag 60 Magnetic Name Tags with Self-Adhesive Tape

What you need to know: For a reusable and upscale solution, these magnetic name tags come in a pack of 60 and feature a simple adhesive for sticking name tags to the front.

What you’ll love: With their powerful neodymium magnets, these name tags are a slightly nicer solution for events than name tag stickers. Roughly 1 3/4 by 1/2 inch wide, they’re also slightly smaller than most name tags, though the front can easily be customized with its adhesive strip. 

What you should consider: These magnetic name tags are more expensive than most adhesive name tags. They are also not suitable for those with a pacemaker.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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