Below is a collection of resources available to assist in recovery. This is a constantly updated collection — check back often for new listings:

(Updated: October 19, 2021)

Outreach Centers

Addiction Resource Center (ARC): The Addiction Resource Center is a comprehensive, interactive portal to support individuals and families struggling with addiction in learning about substance use disorders and accessing help.

Redemption Road Ministries: Pastor David Vernoy’s passion for ministry to those struggling with addiction stems from his own experience of addiction and redemption through Jesus Christ.

Sharehouse: ShareHouse has been providing chemical dependency services to the region since 1975. Currently, we offer chemical dependency evaluations, outpatient chemical dependency and mental health services.

The Village – First Step Recovery: The program is a licensed addiction treatment facility that provides comprehensive, confidential outpatient treatment for adults struggling with drug and alcohol dependency. They teach the tools and life skills needed for long-lasting recovery.

Face It Together: Experienced coaches help guide people through the challenges they’re facing around addiction. Your coach is your wellness partner, providing knowledge, support and practical tools – or accountability – depending on your needs. They focus on improving every aspect of your life – not just the part that involves drinking or using.

F5 Project: Founded in 2016 by a former inmate, F5 helps to coordinate services and provide personal support in order to deter repeat offenses. F5 is the refresh key. No matter what data you have on your computer screen, when you hit F5 it all deletes. This is really what any person with a background wants: To start over, clean, refresh.

The Door Resource and Recovery: “MHA Nations ‘The Door’ Recovery Lodge guarantees a safe, sober, proactive environment to those that are in Recovery. The Door provides peer-support, care coordination, and a solid Wellbriety Movement 12-step recovery foundation. We believe in building a Healing Forest at home on the Fort Berthold Reservation so our people can have a sober atmosphere to thrive in. Our peer-support members and Recovery Coaches assist individuals with changing their old behaviors and thinking. The Door’s primary purpose is to promote healthy, structured, responsible living through utilizing peer support and our cultural teachings to start living life on life’s terms!”

Bismarck Public Health (Renae Moch):                                                         

31:8 Project (Stacy Schaffer):                                                      

Parents Lead:

Suicide Prevention (Alison L. Traynor):          

Related Resources:  

Strengthening The Heartland: STH is dedicated to providing opioid education in rural communities, with particular emphasis on those in the farming/ranching industry, directly through a prescription opioid misuse prevention program and a public health campaign.

ND Human Services – Behavioral Health: “The Behavioral Health Division provides leadership for the planning, development, and oversight of the state’s behavioral health system. The Division works with partners within the Department of Human Services and the state behavioral health system to improve access to services, address behavioral health workforce needs, develop policies, and ensure quality services are available for those with behavioral health needs.”



New Song Youth (                  

Surprise Church (                 

Century Baptist (                              

Grace Point (                                   

First Baptist Church (

Programs For The Schools

Know the Truth ND (                              

Adult Treatment Programs Available

ND Adult & Teen Challenge                                                          

West Central Human Service Center (Carmen C. Johnson):

Counseling Services

Healing Rooms (                                             

Eastgate Grief Coordinator (Brenda Bergan):                                                              

Abused Adult Resource Center (Renee S):     

Dakota Trauma (                                        

Anchor Christian Counseling                                                        

North Dakota National Guard: Autumn Clayton A CTR NG NDARNG (USA)

Transitional Living

Hope Manor (Judith Roberts):                                  

Celebrate Recovery:

Juvenile Services

Police Youth Bureau (Luke McKay):                                                           

Mentor Squad:             

Youthworks (Matthew Coen-Tuff):

Substance Abuse And Mental Health                                                               

Northland Health Centers:                        

St. Alexius (PRIMECARE):

Vocational Rehabilitation

Job Corps:

Job Service: