The Heartview Foundation has launched a 12-week pilot study in partnership with Aware HealthCare, a technology company in San Francisco. Its purpose is to predict an addiction relapse– before it happens.

In our latest Road to Recovery story, we show how combining software and sobriety can help save lives.

The 12-week pilot study is designed around a smartphone app to collect and analyze behavior patterns, for example, how often — and what time of day — you’re using your phone.

Margeaux Walking Elk has been in recovery from using drugs and alcohol for three years now.
She says this app would have been helpful for her when she was new to sobriety.

“I think it would have been great, because that way I could have that solid information to show me. This is the mental part. Because it is all the thinking, right? And it is the mindset that we’re trying to change. Because if we change our minds, then we can change our behaviors, right?” said Walking Elk.

Heartview’s Executive Director, Kurt Snyder, says the behavior piece is key because routine is such an important aspect of recovery.

“It’s really a group of people that are re-establishing patterns, so I really believe that this app will actually show whenever they step out of that new pattern that they’re developing,” said Snyder.

The program will support a residents’ treatment program to help empower them to take control of their life. In order to do that, people seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol just download the app to create healthier behavioral habits leading to a higher chance for positive change.

Snyder tells us the first 90 days of a person’s recovery are sensitive, so this app was designed to help hold them accountable for long term recovery. The pilot program launched Tuesday and so far about six residents of Heartview have signed up.