Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery: From failing to fun, with a little help from her friends

Road to Recovery

National Recovery Month takes place every September. It’s a time for education and also a time to celebrate those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

In our latest Road to Recovery, story we spoke to a Bismarck woman who says the most important thing to remember is to keep it simple.

Every recovery story is unique and different but there’s something special that happens when people in the recovery community gather together and share their stories of hope. Some days are good days and some are learning days.

“I have ‘Waz Days’ and moments that are not great but I try to live in the moment and slow down,” says Erin Glanville.

Glanville is 40-year-old. Born and raised in Bismarck, she says growing up her family life was fun.

“My dad was an alcoholic. My mom was an everyday drinker. But it was a great childhood. We had a lot of fun,” says Glanville.

They fished and spent a lot of their time outdoors. Even though life was fun, her parents drinking habits soon became her own. Her first drink was at the age of 12 and from then on, she says she couldn’t stop.

“When I was 17ish, I really started doing more drugs and drinking and realizing I’m using this to escape from something,” says Glanville.

After many attempts to get sober and run-ins with the law, Erin knew something needed to change.

“The fact that I had to have it every day and I’d start at noon and it would just get earlier and earlier.
I had no life. That was my life –drinking and gardening or drinking and sitting around. It had control over me,” says Glanville.

Now about one and a half years sober, Erin’s living her best life. She travels, gathers with friends, works in her garden, and creates accessories to fill her time in a positive way.

“You don’t have to live miserable. And you can be miserable sober too and I’ve been there.
My advice is to jump in. Come and join us and do your best,” says Glanville.

She says all it takes on the Road to Recovery is just a little bit of willingness.

One thing Erin mentioned is that there is hope. We have so many resources in our community for those looking for help to get sober.

For links to those resources, and to watch more stories like Erin’s head to the Road to Recovery page.

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