Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery: From hopeless to hopeful

Road to Recovery

For one North Dakota woman, recovery from drugs and alcohol led her to a life beyond her wildest dreams. KX News met up with Wendy Zimprich to talk about her life of overcoming addiction.

Wendy Zimprich is one of the many who have a redemptive story and she says she’s made it her mission to share her experience, strength and hope on the Road to Recovery.

Zimprich says, “October 20th, 2015. A very important date for me. It’s the day that I started
the life that I would consider to be the biggest blessing that I can even imagine.”

The 36-years-old grew up in Minnesota. Her story starts when she was a young girl living on her grandparent’s farm.

She says, “Despair, hopelessness, total unworthiness, just not wanting to live.”

That pain led Zimprich down a road of destruction and she says she was suicidal before taking her first drink at age 14.

She adds, “By the time I was 14 I think the life we were living, caught up with me
and I was very unhappy. Very unhappy.”

She lost interest in things that used to bring her joy, like nature and painting, being outdoors.

Zimprich says, “It felt like my life had gone wrong.”

She says, she overdosed on drugs at 16 and had her first son at age 18. And her drinking progressed because it took away the pain she felt inside.

So what changed for her?

It wasn’t having children, or the suicide attempts, or even her mom urging to stop.

Zimprich says, “There was really no big turning point for me. There was not like this ‘Ah ha” moment where like ‘Oh my gosh my life has been burnt to the ground.”

She says, “Alcohol wasn’t working anymore, the pain was still there. After many attempts to try and quit, she sought help and began attending recovery meetings.”

Zimprich explains, “So I became honest, not because I’m virtuous or anything but because I was in so much pain.”

She actively jumped into the middle of the recovery community and started taking the suggestions they gave her.

Zimprich says, “Joy, gratitude, peace, enthusiasm.”

Her advice for anyone struggling?

Wendy says, “There is a different way to live life and you can stay sober. It’s not because of your past. Not because you’re too broken. There are people willing to walk with you.”

It’s those same people who walked with Wendy on her Road to Recovery.

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