The addiction recovery community in Bismarck has grown, and because of that so has the need for more gathering space.

The Founder of Hope Manor Sober Living homes saw that need — so she created ‘The Hub. ‘
The Hub is meant to cater to people in recovery and give them a place for fellowship and time with family.

“It’s my hope that The Hub becomes a wonderful resource for the Bismarck community and that it is a place of fellowship and gathering,” said Judith Roberts, Director of Hope Manor.

The Hub is not only for those in recovery but for the whole Bismarck community. Roberts says any nonprofit or business organization, musicians, or anyone looking for a gathering space is welcome to rent it out.

Roberts says after six years of meeting in the garage at Hope Manor’s men’s home, they outgrew it. The organization has two major events each year; July 4th and New Year’s and with all the residents from the three Hope Manor homes, plus their families, the decision was made to look for a new place of gathering.

“Shoemaker LLC bought the building and Hope Manor Foundation rents it,” said Roberts. “I started to do this all on my own but Craftsman Contracting came in to donate their time doing renovations.”

Roberts added that her husband, John Shoemaker, cashed in his retirement in order to make the first down payment on the building where Savvy Skate and Snow was located. It’s 5,000 square feet and will hold two offices (for Hope Manor and National Sober Living Association), restrooms, a retail store and a coffee shop as well as a kids zone for children to play while their parents are in a meeting.

The Hub will also house two meeting rooms. One for up to 40 people and the other up to 200.

The Hub is set to open the first week of July and is located at 321 South First Street in Bismarck.