Parents and guardians play a major part in whether young people drink or not. Some local students are on a mission to educate the community on the risks of teen drinking.

In an effort to combat teen drinking in North Dakota, the Burleigh Morton Behavioral Heath Student Committee and some restaurants in the Bis-Man area have teamed up.

Kristen Vranicar, a student representative of the Burleigh Morton Behavioral Health Coalition says, “This is something I wanted to be involved in because I know a lot of my friends do drink a lot and I want to be able to help prevent that because I see what it does to people.”

Kristen is an 18-year-old Bismarck High School student who is helping normalize the conversation between parents and teens by teaming up with Bismarck Burleigh Public Health.

Sue Kahler is the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator at Bismarck Burleigh Public Health. She says, “On May 21 and May 28, area restaurants are participating in the Parents Lead Coaster Project.”

So far, five restaurants in the Bis-Man area are participating by providing coasters are their bar and grills with a message.

Kahler shares, “On the coaster, it says, ‘There is an effective solution for underage drinking and that’s you.’
and ‘Let’s work together to keep our kids alcohol-free.'”

Kahler also mentioned the importance of open communication.

Another student representative agrees. Megan Reems is a 17-year-old BHS student who has been involved in underage drinking prevention for two years now because she has seen the negative effects of alcohol on her peers.

Reems says, “I’ve seen like withdrawals, hangovers, stuff like that. I know a few people who have OD’d or got alcohol poisoning.”

The good thing is, there is a solution.

Reems adds, “So hanging out with good positive friends that are not gonna lead you down.”

Both girls agree, to find something you like to do that doesn’t have negative consequences like getting outdoors, hiking or kayaking.. anything that’s a positive outlet.

Kahler says they are still looking for more restaurants to participate.

For more information on that, contact Sue Kahler : Office (701) 355-1597  Cell 701-202-3077