From many manuscript copies to the real thing.

Dominique Snedeker, at first unknowingly, chipped away at her dream of being a writer.

She had two kids and was battling postpartum depression, so she put pen to paper to express her emotions.

She recalled, “[I was] literally writing at like midnight between the baby nursing, the dishes are done I can hear the dishwasher, I’m home from work and I have this moment and I regurgitated all these thoughts and when it happened, when I get into the poetry mode it’s like the words float by and I just capture them.”

She’s an Air Force veteran and her husband is still on active duty.

Snedeker says the transition from airman to motherhood was a major change for her.

“You never feel successful,” she said, referring to motherhood. “Whereas in the Air Force you do. So having to change that identity of ‘I’m a successful person because I can see the results to…I’m a successful person because my baby just ran his finger through my hair.'”

The now mom of three wants to share the ups and downs of motherhood and is doing that with her new book, Motherhood: The Crucible of Love.

“Being a mom is super tough,” she said. “It’s OK to feel like it’s super tough and it’s OK not to like every part of motherhood and it’s OK to feel like you’re a failure and it’s OK to feel like you’re doing a really good job.”

It’s a poetry book but Snedeker says it’s written with accessibility to all readers, and most of all, is relatable.

“Those dark, gray, blue and black eyes are badges of courage.”

Motherhood: The Crucible of Love

Her publisher is in South Carolina. They met in a Facebook group called “Moms Who Write.”

Hear Our Voice publishing actually focuses on books written by children but the owner says this change of pace was a no-brainer.

“I’m not a poetry genre person, generally. But her book just resonated with me so much as a mom,” Stacy Brevard-Mays said. “She just has a way with words and I am just blown away every time I talk to her.”

This book is something both women hope resonates with all parents.

Snedeker’s book is available on Amazon and will soon be on the shelves of Main Street Books and Barnes and Noble in Minot.

Dominique Snedeker is Someone You Should Know.