A 9-year-old may not be able to verbally communicate, but he’s taught his friends and family so much in his lifetime.

In this week’s Someone You Should Know, we meet the boy who has first responders fighting for him.

This is Grant Lawson.

He’ll be 10 on May 18, he loves music, being around his brothers, his dogs and being read to.

Grant was born with Batten Disease.

“It’s basically deterioration of the brain,” his mom, Melissa Lawson explained.

It causes symptoms like seizures, blindness, and loss of muscle tone.

He’s never been able to walk or talk and sadly, there is no cure. His mom said, “[it’s] just, basically 100% care. He can’t even swallow.”

But he and his family still have many reasons to smile.

“He’s just our normal boy,” Melissa said. “And, you know, don’t be afraid to come up to talk to him, he can hear you. He loves to be around people.”

You’ll get an opportunity to meet Grant and the Lawsons this Saturday at the fourth Guns n’ Hoses hockey game, where Minot Police and Fire Departments will face off to raise money for the medical bills and travel required to keep up with Grant’s health.

It was by chance that organizer Mike Crisp found the Lawson family.

His wife is Grant’s brother’s teacher.

“We really enjoy helping out these families, whether we’re working or we’re not,” said Crisp.

It was just a couple of months ago when Grant had a tracheostomy.

That is one of many procedures and doctor appointments that this fundraiser will help the Lawsons pay for.

In years past, the Guns n’ Hoses game brought in more than $15,000.

“Being a public service entity,” Crisp said. “We are here for the community and anybody that needs help.”

So if you see Grant at the game this weekend, or somewhere around town, remember that Grant Lawson is Someone You Should Know.

The hockey game is this Saturday, April 9 at the Maysa Arena.

Puck drop is at 3:45 p.m.

There will be a silent auction, 50/50 raffle and other donation opportunities.