This week kicked off a new beginning for many school districts in the area.

One of which has a long-time second-grade teacher who is near and dear to students, parents and fellow teachers.

She’s known as strict but fair and is always one to keep people laughing.

“I was never going to be a teacher because it was too hard,” Carol Vix said. Things don’t always go as planned, though.

Vix has been in the second-grade classroom at Our Redeemer’s Christian School for 30 years now.

“My mother was a teacher and she worked too hard. But I was a teacher’s aid in a school where I saw some really poor teaching and I felt bad for the kids and I thought, ‘You know I could probably do a better job.'”

According to the school administrator, she does a great job.

“Mrs. Vix is a treasure,” Jeff Ringstad said. “Every school deserves a Mrs. Vix but we are fortunate to have her.”

She says she loves second grade because of the age.

“Because they’re not babies anymore but they’re still young enough to love their teacher,” Carol said with a laugh.

They love to learn and are able to laugh and have fun.

“I mean, if you can’t laugh and have a good time then you’re not learning. Nobody can learn under duress,” she said. “So, you have to have fun and you have to enjoy what you’re doing.”

With three decades at Our Redeemer’s, she’s taught her own grandchildren and children of former students.

She said, “It’s such a blessing. See, and I can remember where their parents sat in this room and the things that were difficult or easy for them or what they enjoyed.”

Krista Bratvold was in Mrs. Vix’s first-ever class at the school and all three of her kids have had her too, one of which is in her class this year.

“She’s kind of strict but yet she’s still very nice and is really good at teaching,” fourth-grader Jayce Bratvold said.

That’s something the Bratvold kids agree on.

Now, their mom is a pre-school teacher at Our Redeemer’s and she and Mrs. Vix are colleagues.

Having known her in several capacities these past 30 years, Krista’s gotten to know her pretty well.

“Anyone who knows Carol will tell you how much she loves coffee,” Krista said. “And she’s just so expressive and she’s so passionate about what she teaches and passionate about her students learning.”

What Carol loves the most about her job are the children. And when being a teacher goes beyond education, she’s always there for them.

“When you have them come and sit on your lap and just need a hug. Or you can just take them aside and say ‘let’s just talk, and just cry a little bit together.”

Carol Vix is Someone You Should Know.