Mike Anderson’s career traversing the state and capturing the sights and sounds of nature and wildlife for all to enjoy did not start where you might expect.

“I started working at KXMB TV back in 1989,” said Anderson, a video project supervisor for North Dakota Game and Fish.

He continued on that path for six years, and then his dream job opened up at NDGF.

“They were starting the program ‘North Dakota Outdoors,’ said Anderson. “Here we are 27 years later, capturing all the outdoor stuff across the state of North Dakota.”

And the outdoors is exactly where he likes to be, so for Anderson, it was his dream job.

“I spend a lot of time outdoors. I do,” Anderson shared. “I love hunting, I get in fishing. Yeah, it’s just when– my job is almost like a part of my personal life because I’m doing the things I love to do every day.”

His goal is to show us all what the great outdoors of North Dakota has to offer.

“I think people come to realize and appreciate the outdoors by seeing our programs every week, or they also see stuff that they would never think exists in North Dakota,” said Anderson.

There are numerous places across the state many wouldn’t know exist, and so much about the state we’d not likely know about if it was not for the program.

But while Anderson enjoys what he does, mother nature can present many challenges.

“Obviously today, we’re standing here and it’s raining on us,” Anderson reflected. “Wind is a huge factor. Sometimes just finding the wildlife, that’s a huge challenge, but that’s why I’m still here because I love that challenge.”

And he’s not alone in that challenge. Anderson credits his team when it comes to bringing the outdoors into your home.

“I wouldn’t be able to do the programs that we do,” Anderson said. “Like we do them without the help from people at the Game and Fish Department. They’re tremendous help, they helped me every week. North Dakota Outdoors would not be successful without the help from the Game and Fish staff.”

Anderson works with the team to brainstorm ideas, and they also help him film and take photos. Once the work outdoors is complete, it’s time to write and edit.

“You go back to your office and you’re like, that’s a cool shot,” Anderson said. “That’s what we’re going to use for the open or the close.”

And for the finishing touch we’re all familiar with…

“I’m Mike Anderson, with North Dakota Outdoors.”

We can’t forget to mention that while a majority of Anderson’s work is behind the camera, he also hosts a weekly webcast interviewing biologists, or those who specialize in fisheries, wildlife or conservation to talk about upcoming seasons and what to expect.