Eat, sleep and breathe rodeo — that’s the mantra of a 17-year-old reaching for the top.

He caught rodeo fever at a very young age and has been riding to win ever since.

Since the fifth grade, Brody Nelson has been dreaming of that eight-second thrill.

“I just don’t ever remember not wanting to be a bull rider or a cowboy, to be honest with you.”

Those eight seconds may seem to last a lifetime but that’s OK since it’s Nelson’s life-long dream to take home a buckle that says World Champion Bull Rider.

“There’s an adrenaline rush…and to me, there just isn’t anything cooler than bull riding,” he said.

He’s the first in his family to pursue it professionally and although he’s a junior in high school, his sights are set far beyond that.

His dad rode a little bit, but they mostly would watch bull riding together, when his dad said if he’s going to do it, he has to be all in.

“You can’t be half-hearted about it,” Nelson explained. “You have to be full-hearted about it because when you crawl down that bucking shoot, you’re with an animal that can definitely hurt you and even possibly kill you.”

World Champion is the ultimate goal, but Nelson has won several titles over the years including Youth World Champion in 2019, and last year he reached the top 15 in the National High School Rodeo Association.

But he didn’t do it alone.

He attributes his successes to his family, friends and mentors.

“The biggest thing is that you don’t want to let your little self down,” he said. “You don’t want to let the little kid in you down. If anything, I just want to thank my parents and stuff for that, for letting me pursue my dream, and everybody that’s helped me.”

Brody Nelson striving to be a future World Champion Bull Rider is Someone You Should Know.

Nelson has qualified for the state high school finals, which are next month and the goal is to get a score that will once again take him to Nationals in July.