BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — “I love to watch people when they take their first bite of them like their eyes roll back in their head and they can’t get enough of them,” Gramma Val, owner, described. “So I always say ‘welcome to your new addiction.'” (laughing)

And countless consumers are devouring her “Scotcheroos by Gramma Val,” but it all started on a much smaller scale.

“While I did daycare, I would buy these bars from a local gas station,” Gramma Val recalled. “And that’s where this all came from.”

When the woman who supplied those bars could no longer do so, Gramma Val asked her for the recipe, and her scotcheroos were a hit with her family, daycare kids, and their families.

“My family said to me, ‘why don’t you sell these instead of giving them away.’ So then I went to food markets and sold them there like under a canopy tent, outside in the rain, in the cold, in the heat,” Gramma Val said.

When Gramma Val’s health started to deteriorate and she could no longer work vendor shows, she decided to get a license to distribute her scotcheroos at local stores, but she needed a commercial kitchen.

The Bisman Community Food Co-op welcomed Gramma Val to do all of the cooking in their kitchen.

You may wonder how many employees it takes to make, package and distribute the delectable bars.

“I make them all myself,” Gramma Val said. “From the labels to making the bags to everything. I do it all.”

She does it all, and she’s even added additional products over time.

In addition to her regular scotcheroos, her granddaughter asked for a bar with no topping, so she added the “Naked” scotcheroo.

And a customer requested that she add sea salt on top of the bars, and Gramma Val liked it so much herself that started selling the “Sea Salty” scotcheroo as well.

“I have one customer that will tell you put the salty side down on your tongue and eat it that way,” Gramma Val shared.

And when asked if there is one thing she could change?

“I wish that I would have done this 20-30 years ago. Goodness sakes,” Gramma Val said.

Folks love Gramma Val’s scotcheroos so much so that she’s shipped them as far as Texas, Florida, California, and Canada.

And she just has one request of you.

“Try them,” Gramma Val requested. “All I have to say is try them and you will love them.”

Gramma Val and her scotcheroos are Someone You Should Know.

“Scotcheroos by Gramma Val” can be found in Bismarck at the Exxon Red Carpet – South, 3BeMeats, or Taco Del Mar.

And if you are looking for more than one bar, whether to share or keep to yourself,
visit Gramma Val’s website or Facebook page.