MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — From a small town to a big stage, a North Dakota native competed against thousands of dancers from across the country to bring a number of national titles home to Minot.

In this week’s Someone You Should Know, Sienna Weigel takes us on her dancing journey.

Sienna Weigel, an elite dancer from Minot, has been on stage since she could walk and says dance is the biggest part of her life.

She said, “It’s kind of just always been like my second home. I just go there to release any emotions I have.”

The lifelong dancer has been participating in all types of dance for as long as she can remember.

She performs with her Studio X team as well as individually, bringing home many trophies, medals, scholarships, and memories.

“Nobody knows about Minot so it’s really cool to be able to represent Minot, North Dakota against big places,” Weigel explained.

As her senior year at Nedrose High School approached, she thought her 13 years of dancing at Studio X were ending.

So, she was sure to set some goals as she prepared for her last national competition.

“This year I had a goal to get two national titles, and I sort of did that. I won first overall high-scoring solo at Starpower Nationals. And I stayed for another week to compete at Celebration Nationals and I ended up winning, 2022 Senior Dancer of the Year, again,” said Weigel.

Winning those titles sparked something inside of her and she realized she wasn’t done dancing yet.

Weigel explained, “I was looking for a reason to keep dancing and that was kind of my reason because next year I get to go be the reigning Senior Dancer of the Year. And get to assist conventions and classes all week and just do fun stuff with all the finalists for the Dancer of the Year 2023 season. So, it’s really cool and gives me another opportunity to keep dancing.”

She says if it wasn’t for the support from her mom, her teammates, and especially her long-time dance teacher, she wouldn’t be the woman she is today.

“My dance teacher, Josh, he’s been with me all the years I was at Studio X and he really just shaped me into the dancer and person I am today. And taught me lifelong skills that I’ll carry forever. Even when I go teach at different studios, I’ll carry on some of his traditions there as well,” said Weigel.

She says she hopes to inspire more youth in the dance community to keep up with the sport and see how it can change their lives.

“Just like, keep going. It’s fun when you’re just learning and it’s fun to keep growing and be able to look back. So just, even if you’re going through a hard time just keep doing it and find the reason that you’re actually dancing,” Weigel explained.

She plans to stay involved in the dancing world and inspire others to reach for the stars, just like she did.

That’s why Sienna Weigel is someone you should know.

Sienna has won over $20,000 dollars in college scholarships in her dancing career.

She will attend the University of North Dakota and try out for the university’s dance team.