It seems there is a “national day” for just about everything.

In fact, today is National Nurses Day … among a handful of others … and May just so happens to have the most national days.

May 1 has 16 established national days, for example.

KX News sat down with the familiar face (to us, anyway) to learn how exactly he came to establish the National Day Calendar.

“I can boil it down into a love of celebration, I guess.”

In short, that’s what led Marlo Anderson, Des Lacs native and self-taught tech guru, to officially start the National Day Calendar.

It’s not the first – and likely not the last – of his business ventures, most of which are technology-based.

But it seems to be among his favorite and came to be out of a piqued interest about National Popcorn Day.

He recalled, “I’ve built tons of websites with any world of information … even at that time [2013] … and I’m like, how is there not a website dedicated to some of these national days that seem to be pretty popular?”

So he started blogging about national days and where they came from. Just for fun…in addition to his 9-5.

“I research old newspapers, Smithsonian, Congressional Records, presidential declarations all the way back to the founding of this country.”

The project quickly consumed him and the rest of his office and he realized it’s a lot more than just a hobby.

“So it’s gone from that to the biggest trending topic of all time,” he said. “It’s absolutely amazing.”

They get thousands of e-mails a day, 20,000 requests a year to establish National Days, 13,000,000 subscribers to their e-mail list, and just recently the server has crashed multiple times because it can’t handle the traffic.

“We have never been more popular than we are right now,” Anderson said.

National Day Calendar has a website to maintain – with a brand new one unveiling in June – a huge social media following, a radio show and is also a calendar-printing business.

The first calendar was printed back in 2015. You can see the progression (in video above).

Oh, there’s a clothing line, too.

For some, it’s a good reason to eat their favorite food, play a game, say a special thank you or call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while because what’s on the National Day Calendar made you think of them.

To Marlo Anderson, ‘Celebrate Every Day,’ means exactly that. It could be surface-level stuff, like his favorite – National Astronaut Day – which was actually just yesterday, May 5.

“I’m kind of a space geek,” he said on Studio 701 on Wednesday. “Astronauts are my heroes. I look at what they had to go through to get to space. One of these days I’m going to get to space. Somehow or another.”

Or … it could be a lot more than that.

“It might be the last time you see somebody,” Anderson reflected. “It might be the start of a new business venture. All of these little ripple effects happen because people come together and I think National Day Calendar has a big part of why people come together nowadays.”

The cause is beyond the calendar and that’s just one reason why Marlo Anderson is Someone You Should Know.

There may be a few more reasons, too.

He founded Zoovio, a tech company that converts VHS tapes to digital files that can be stored in the cloud.

That means those old wedding videos, birthday parties and so much more can all be stored online, without being public.

On the free app, you can choose who exactly you’d like to share those special memories with, and you never have to worry about losing a DVD or hard drive.

He also has a talk show called the Tech Ranch, he’s covered CES for just about two decades, and another fun fact — he suspects he’s been in the most autonomous vehicles than anyone else.