The Royals finished last season with a 10-11 record, but this year they have a new head coach leading the way on the court.

Back in June, Sheila Gerding was named head coach for the girls basketball team. No stranger to the program after being the assistant coach, she came into the 2022 season with a clear plan for the season.

“They know the expectation is that they play hard. I don’t think that that’s ever been something that hasn’t been communicated so they’ve just stepped on the court and done it not once have we had to run for not playing hard sometimes we forget to talk because we’re tired and out of breath but there are a lot of good things going on,” Sheila said.

Not having to worry about building a relationship with a new coach is a plus.

“We know what she expects and we all respect her and it just makes us want to get better,” Makya Gerding, Sophmore

“A lot easier to just get into things instead of having to build a new relationship and have trust and stuff,” Amy Mikkelson, Sophomore Shooting Guard, said.

This season their goal is to have the program’s first-ever winning season after they were so close last year.

“I think the bottom line is they got to play great defense. Communication is very important that we have to do a better job at communicating and just playing hard, Good things happen when you give your best effort,” Sheila said.