The Coyotes cross country teams have been successful in the past. With the girls as Back-to-back Class A state champions in 2020 and 2021 and the boys bringing the title back in 2021.

And with most of both teams returning this season, they’re looking to keep the titles in Williston.

“We want it like really bad cause I was on it the first year we won it too with Eleni being a senior and we want to keep it going,” Dru Zanders, Freshman, said.

“Really want to keep it going cause I was just on it last year so I’ve only won it once and I really want to get the repeat, so we want it bad,” Cambree Moss, Eighth Grader, said.

“I tell the guys all the time our goal is top three at WDA and top 5 at State and we just try and hold that goal preseason,” Shane Wahlstrom, Boys Head Coach, said.

And having younger runners join the team can be intimidating, especially if you’re an eighth-grader or freshman competing with juniors and seniors.

But the returners said they’re going to offer advice and help them every step of the way.

“We have a great culture on this team so we hope to hand it down to the younger kids so they can keep handing it down,” Fynn Krenz, Senior, said.

“Just lead by example you don’t always have to say anything or yell at them just go out there and work hard and they see the results and so the same thing,” Ethan Moe, Senior, said.

“Showing them how to work hard or just endure and persevere and set goals for yourself and you can achieve,” Marenn Larsen, Senior, said.

Both head coaches said having returners helps keep the momentum and confidence from last year knowing they can win.

“It’s absolutely huge you can’t even won’t be able to tell that some are Freshman this year, they’re some of the most experienced runners you possibly have. Like I’ve said they’ve ran in one or two state titles and they know what it takes they know it’s not easy and they are ready to make it their moment this year,” Chase Gregory, Girls Head Coach, said.