The 2022 season marks the Sioux’s first year at the 9-man level and a return to playoff football.

Players said while they are preparing for their opponents Saturday they are also just getting used to the temps they could see in the postseason.

“Right now we are just trying to get used to the temperatures we know it’s going to be cold and windy on Saturday. None of us have played in the playoffs before so we’re not really used to this temperature so just really adapting to that,” Easton Andel, Senior RB/LB, said.

Since none of the guys played in the playoffs before they are sticking to what they know best.

We’ve kept things pretty simple from what we’ve done in the past. We got some really talented kids out there making big plays which are more dangerous on the 9-man field,” Anthony Lee, Co-Head Coach, said.

The Sioux will face the Tioga Pirates on Saturday. This week they are focusing on limiting big plays on defense.

“We’ve seen a lot of good but our defense just has to improve that’s our main goal is to get better and to get more stops, whatever we can do,” Walker Bratten, Sophomore QB/Safety, said.

“We know that to beat the big teams we’re going to have to play better. We came out slow last we were not physical enough so we know we’re just going to have to step it up another notch to get the tough ones,” Andel said.

And players said controlling their nerves during the big games is also something they are working on.

“We’re the underdogs going into it we really got nothing to lose. There will be butterflies in our stomachs for sure we will be a little nervous we just have to use that for energy,” Andel said.

“Lots of energy. We’ve been lacking that in a couple of games but we just need someone to step up and do big things,” Bratten said.