If you’re a fan of close games you might want to check out the Bismarck Blizzard. They’re once again a top team in the state, but their play doesn’t come without some stressful moments.

“It’s a little nerve wracking for the coaching staff and the fans,” head coach Tim Meyer said.

The Bismarck Blizzard have been in their fair share of nerve wracking games with six of them decided by one goal.

“You have to have a mentality that you’re not always going to be able to score four-five goals every single time, so when it comes down to the wire we need people that are kind of clutch in those situations,” Meyer said.

So far so good for the Blizzard. They’ve won three shootouts this season, and won a fourth game in overtime. It’s a belief in themselves that is moving this team in the right direction.

“Definitely a confidence booster to go up against harder teams and know that we are able to finish games, even when we’re behind,” sophomore Ava Krikorian said.

The Blizzard feel they need to put a full game together, but Head Coach Tim Meyer credits freshman goalie Kambree Grabar for keeping the team in games, and giving them the best chance to win. That’s something she has proven with one of the top save percentages in the state.

“That was a really big stress on me when the first goal went in early in the game that I couldn’t let that get to me too much, and then I had to make a few big saves in the second period, then in overtime I’ve really got to push through it and make some really good saves,” Grabar explained.

The team hopes they can save their coach, and themselves, some stress as they get ready to play in a more comfortable environment at home in six of their last eight games in the regular season.

“It’s going to be nice to be back at home here and get that kind of feel for the hockey game again in terms of playing in front of your own fans, but either way wherever we play we want to have that same kind of mentality going into hockey games,” Meyer said.