The highly anticipated name of the new Minot collegiate summer baseball team is the Minot Hot Tots.

People from the community came out to Corbett Field on Thursday, Oct. 21 to hear the exciting announcement. After over 300 name submissions the Hot Tots will debut in the summer of 2023.

General Manager Monica Blake said the logo ties in with North Dakota as the team colors represent the state flag and relate to the popular Norwegian food dish.

“We’re really excited about this name and the top five they were so different and we just had to choose one. As I said earlier it connects to our values of food, family, fun bringing people together,” Blake said. “There is not a better fit than this name and the fact that someone actually submitted this name is just crazy so we’ve been thinking about it for a long time and we’re super excited to let the cat out of the bag.”

Blake said fans can look forward to many other exciting announcements in the coming months including once they hire a head coach in November along with the summer schedule.