The Stars have started the 2022 season with a 4-2 record. Coming into this year they have a similar look to them with most of the team returning from 2021.

“I think the experience definitely shows and we’ve had youngers come up and they’ve been doing an amazing job like our setter she was on the C-squad last year and she’s worked her butt off this year to be the varsity and she’s killing it she’s doing awesome,” Morgan Schweitzer, Junior Libero, said.

Head Coach Rebecca Moen said the first couple of games is getting everyone comfortable in their roles this season.

“We have a couple of girls in new positions and are working with them on learning their offensive and defensive spots. Building the chemistry working on that and working on game plans and some strategies with different levels of competition we come up against,” Moen said.

With having an older team this season they are focused on building a family culture.

“I know the seniors we played together on C-squad in 2019 and so we’ve all grown together as players and then as everyone else has added and shifted we’ve all just kind of engulfed them and now as a varsity we are just a huge family basically so it’s really really nice and powerful and strong that we can all come together and be there for each other,” Rebecca Benson, Senior Outside Hitter, said.

“And being able to trust that they are behind you makes the world and just knowing that when you’re down your team is going to be there to pick you up really just changes things,” Schweitzer said.