The Knights return to the state tournament this year after missing out for the first time in seven seasons last year losing to Bishop Ryan in the region tournament.

“Very big motivator I didn’t want to feel like that again and so I took it personally and the rest of the team took it personally to just work our hardest so we could make it to that level,” Aubrey Griedl, Senior Middle Hiter, said.

“It was really emotional for me and for the seniors on the team who played last year, we have a lot of new players that help us out on the court but it was really emotional,” Maya Vibeto, Junior Outside Hitter, said.

A strength heading into the state tournament is their consistent fight in each game they play.

“Definitely one of our advantages we have over other teams. We have a lot of loud people on our team it just kind of penalizes the other team makes them feel their mistakes which is kind of our go-to,” Vibeto said.

“High energy definitely scares teams if you’re able to chirp on the other side and show even if it was a bad play that you’re still happy about it a point is a point they’re going to get scared and it motivates us,” Griedl said.

The Knights face the top-ranked Northern Cass Thursday to open the tournament. This week’s preparation for the Jaguars’ height involves fine-tuning their own game.

“They’re a tall team and they were at the state tournament last season bringing back a lot of returners. Going into the state tournament we’re just going to go in and give it our best shot be scrappy be defensive and leave it all on the floor,” Kara Nunziato, Head Coach, said.