701 Wins and Counting

Thirty-five years ago, Dan Carr started coaching at Linton High School.
Fast forward to today, he’s still coaching and recently celebrated a historical win.
Making him the most winningest coach in North Dakota – past or present.

This is a familiar sight to many in the Linton area. Dan Carr has been coaching for 35 years, in which he has three state titles, more than 700 wins, and has coached multiple generations.

NAT: “I’ve coached his dad. I’ve coached his dad. I had both his mom and dad in my class.”
(Jared Baumiller, Hazelton Senior) “My brother played for him the first year of the co-op”

And before the area schools joined forces, Carr coached against Jared’s dad. The thought of retirement has crossed Coach Carr’s mind, but it’s more than a job to him.

(Dan Carr, Head Coach – Linton-HMB Boys Basketball) “I suppose I don’t know how to quit.”

He passes that philosophy onto players through a few favorite sayings.  

(Jared Baumiller, Hazelton Senior) “He usually uses the one, ‘Fatigue can make a coward out of anyone.’ He really pushes us to be in shape.”

And encourages them.. To have a winning character.

(Dan Carr, Head Coach – Linton-HMB Boys Basketball) “Work hard and good things happen. I try to help guide them down the right path and do the right thing.and do right by their teammates and their school and their community.”

Getting wins, both on and off the court.

(Cole Vanderlaan, Linton Senior) “He’s been dedicated to Linton High School. It’s a great honor to be having been played for him.”

(Jared Baumiller, Hazelton Senior) “Yeah, he just just doesn’t want to quit and it’s really good for me. He comes to practice every day happy to be here and gets us to work hard every day. It’s really fun.”

Do you know how many wins you want to get to?

(Dan Carr, Head Coach – Linton-HMB Boys Basketball) “It’s just when you’re ready to retire. It’s time and you know that. It won’t be by number of wins, but it’s just when you don’t think you can put enough time and energy into the sport.to help the kids get better.

Carr was inducted the 2015 North Dakota Coaches’ Hall of Fame and was named the 2014 National Coach of the Year.

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