AOTW: Jacob Rader

Jacob Rader is giving everything he has for the Patriots. Coach Ron Wingenbach say’s he’s not 100% after a minor knee injury a few games ago, but it’s been hard to tell, making him our Athlete of the Week.

(Ron Wingenbach, Head Coach) “He’s not playing at 100% and probably won’t get to it for the rest of the year.”

(Jacob Rader, Senior RB/ LB) “Kind of an unsure thing if I’d be able to play against BHS, and then against South, I was feeling pretty good so I just played and they put me in at running back.”

He only played in the first half against Fargo South, but his 3 touchdown, 111 yard performance propelled the Patriots to a 49-27 win over the Bruins. It’s playoffs, which means every game could potentially be Rader’s last time suiting up.

(Jacob Rader, Senior RB/ LB) “It’s just about enjoying my last year and my last games I’ll be playing as a Patriot and just enjoying all the time I have with my teammates and coaches.”

(Ron Wingenbach, Head Coach) “Jacob’s been a cornerstone to our football program for 2 going on 3 years. From his inside linebacker position and his running back position this year, more of a both sides of the ball type guy, but just a great leader. He leads by example “

Because even if he isn’t 100%, he’s going to give everything he has left to help his teammates.

(Jacob Rader, Senior RB/ LB) “It’s just doing what I can do for the team so that at the end of the day, when I’m laying in bed, I know I did everything I could.”

(Ron Wingenbach, Head Coach) “I think a lot of kids look up to him and say you know, if he can do it, I can do it.”

Rader is also a wrestler. He says he wants to either play football or wrestle in college but says he’s not sure which sport or which school just yet.

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