Basketball injury to sideline Shiloh Christian’s Reep for baseball season


Shiloh Christian junior Matt Reep got tangled up on a play late in the Class B Consolation Championship. Reep broke his fall with his left hand, got right back up, and later went on to take a last-second buzzer beater.

He never looked in pain in those final minutes, but something had indeed gone wrong during the fall.

It was feeling pretty good during the game,” Reep said. “Obviously I had some adrenaline going, and it didn’t hurt too bad. After the game it was still pretty good, but I woke up the next morning and it was pretty painful. So, I decided to go in and get checked out and get some X-rays on it.

“The doctor said that he probably saw a scaphoid fracture, which is sort of by the wrist and next to the thumb,” Reep said.

And that particular bone can be a tricky one to heal.

“That bone doesn’t have much blood flow to it, so if it doesn’t heal right, the bone can actually die,” Reep said.

So because of its fragile nature, recovery time is less than ideal.

“Sometimes it can be twelve weeks, which would be my whole baseball season, which wouldn’t be too good,” Reep said.

But Reep said that no matter what, he’ll be around the diamond this year.

“If it does come to the worst of the worst, I would for sure still be a part of the team. I would be in the dugout, cheering on the guys, but hopefully it doesn’t amount to that.”

Shiloh Christian’s season begins on April 5.

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