Beyond the Sidelines: Marv Pedersen

In this month’s Beyond the Sidelines, we look at the Bismarck State women’s basketball coach Marv Pederson and how he gives back to the community through coaching and other ways.

Almost two years ago, Marv Pedersen returned to the sidelines as the Bismarck State women’s basketball coach. 

He said the reason was simple.

“Ever since I was a wee-little kid,” Pedersen said, “coaching was part of my lifestyle.”

The Flasher native said his coaches growing up were father figures.

“My father died at very young age, at the age of five. I was only five years old. Athletics was what kept me going in the right direction,” says Pederson.

Surprisingly enough, Marv’s career did not start with basketball.

“I started out at Shiloh as their track and field coach,” Pedersen said. 

After a short stint with Century’s sophomore team, he coached at Solen.

“I coached everything from basketball to cross country,” Pedersen said. “I was the janitor. I was the bus driver. I basically did everything.”

He also was a Mandan’s girls assistant for 18 years, winning 9 state titles.

“Runner-up five times,” Pedersen said. “All the Miss Basketball candidates I helped coach.”

Marv has also been refereeing basketball games for 35 years. He calls it his relaxation.

“You get to get out there in the community,” Pedersen said. “You meet the kids, you meet the parents and you meet the coaches.”

If his basketball season was not hectic enough Marv also has owned a trophy shop in town for the last 10 years and the business has actually expanded to two other locations, including Wyoming.

“Pretty challenging at times,” Pedersen says.

He said certain games stand out, but what he remembers most about those games is the effort from the players.

“So the biggest reward is seeing the kids mature as young athletes,” Pedersen said.

Marv is currently out on the recruiting trail trying to shore up his roster for next winter.

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