Bismarck High’s Cadee Ryckman: Basketball is life

For Bismarck High’s Cadee Ryckman, basketball is life. The junior guard feels she has sacrificed everything for the sport she loves.

“You know there were days that it was so hot outside and I wanted to go swimming and hang out with my friends,” Ryckman said. “but I was in the gym shooting 1,000 shots with my coach.”

And the results are clear. Through five games, Cadee leads the team in points per game and 3-point field goals made.

“Shooting was the biggest thing,” Ryckman said. “Shooting.”

Cadee also is tied for the team lead in blocks and ranks second in assists.

“I wouldn’t say pressure,” Ryckman said, “but we do have high expectations, obviously.”

Last year, Cadee missed the end of her sophomore school year to particpate in an AAU tournament in Atlantic City.

“There’s so much more competition everywhere else,” Ryckman said. “I played against someone that was top ten ranked in the nation for the Class of 2020. It was crazy.”

Cadee says there is no way U-Mary would have recruited her if she did not play AAU basketball.

“If I wouldn’t have done any of that,” Ryckman said, “[U-Mary women’s basketball coach Rick Neumann] probably wouldn’t have looked at me or anything. If you put more work into it than just school ball, then they are going to look at you.”

The guard wanted to be clear, she has made a verbal committment to the Marauders, but is open to exploring other options.

“Yale [University] called,” Ryckman said. “That would be kind of cool. I don’t know if I’m smart enough for that.”

Cadee and the Bismarck Demons hit floor Friday when they host St. Mary’s.

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