Bismarck Lark Ripken Reyes experiences North Dakota hospitality first hand


The Bismarck Larks are looking for a big day from all-star Ripken Reyes, who had never been to North Dakota but he got to see the state’s hospitality first hand.

“I’ve never been to Bismarck before,” Reyes said. “This is my first experience.”

Shortly after landing in the capitol city on June 4, Ripken Reyes realized his airline lost his luggage, which had all his baseball equipment.

“It was a little trouble,” Reyes said, “but my host family took care of it. They were right on it. I didn’t get to say a word. They took care of it and we got it the next day.”

Normally, this is not be a big issue, expect the Larks’ season had already started.

“We were playing a game that day,” Reyes said. “So I had to borrow other people’s stuff.”

Disappointed, the Larks infielder thought his debut was on hold.

“I guess I’m not playing today because I don’t have any gear,” Reyes said.

The same day Ripken attended a Bismarck Governors practice where we meet fellow Stockton, Calif. native and Legacy High baseball coach Eddie Streeter. And Eddie wanted to help.

“I said, ‘No problem,'” Streeter said. “I sent out a text to all of our Legacy kids and they came through. Within a couple of minutes, I had kids bring by some cleats and gloves for him to choose from.”

Before this Eddie nor his players had met Ripken, but they went above and beyond to help out fellow baseball player.

“It was just something I thought I could do to ease him in and welcome him to Bismarck and make sure he was good to go,” Streeter said.

Their unexpected kindness left a lasting impression on Ripken Reyes.

“My first impression personally was like, ‘Man, these guys don’t know me and how great is that. They are willing to help me out.’ It was really cool, really cool.”

Ripken had a great season for Bismarck. He was named an all-start and helped the Larks achieve their first playoff berth in program history.

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