Cathey, Smith, Lowery lead three-pronged attack for U-Mary women’s soccer

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Cathey, Lowery, and Smith. Three names that have built a reputation for scoring.

“I think most of the conference is scared when they see those three names on the starting sheet,” Jade Smith said.

The three seniors were U-Mary’s top three scorers last year as the team made it all the way to the conference semifinals.

“It was just really exciting because finally it felt like all the stuff that we’d been working towards from my freshman year until last year–it was all coming together,” Caylin Cathey said.

Lowery transferring into the program last year was the final piece of the puzzle, and Cathey says the two of them make a great duo at forward.

“She’s my 10 so she plays right off the back of me,” Cathey said. “We just are able to–every movement I make, she knows what I’m doing. Every movement she makes, I’m right there behind her.”

“Caylin’s best strength is definitely running onto the ball,” Megan Lowery said. “If me or Jade can slip a ball through to her, and she’s facing goal, she can just take that shot right away.”

Smith is the tactician on the wing, creating chances and directing traffic for all three of them. Lowery says she’s almost like another coach on the field.

“She has her moments where she’ll bring me over and be like, ‘This is what we need to do,'” Lowery said.

And sometimes, all it takes is a gesture.

“If Jade gives you this look, that’s where you’re going next,” Cathey said.

That’s how in sync this three-pronged attack is. And they’re all ready to keep raising the bar for U-Mary soccer.

“We look at last year. They thought we’d be 12th coming in, and we had fifth,” Smith said. “This year the respect level has gone up a little bit. They think we’ll be seventh, but still in our heads, we want a top four finish.”

The Marauders have their home opener on Friday at 3 p.m.

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