College Baseball: Pierce cousins reunited at Bismarck State

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This baseball season featured a reunion for Scranton cousins Brandon and Hudson Pierce at Bismarck State College.

Cousins Brandon and Hudson Pierce have been playing ball together a long time.

“Junior high, high school–I’ve been playing baseball with him ever since tee-ball,” Brandon Pierce said. “I actually only live probably five miles away from him. We both live on farms.”

Brandon is a year older, and when he left their hometown of Scranton for BSC, it seemed like the end of their days as teammates, especially when Brandon wasn’t planning on playing for the Mystics.

But when it came time for Hudson to make his college decision, he had no idea they’d be reunited on the diamond.

“I didn’t even know he was going to play at that point,” Hudson Pierce said. “When I found out he was on the team, I’d already signed, so I was just glad we got to play together a little bit longer.”

Though playing together at the same time has been difficult, since both play left field.

“There’s a little bit of competition between us, but it’s in the best nature. I want him to do well, and he wants me to do well too,” Hudson said.

They say the biggest adjustment hasn’t even been baseball-related–it’s getting used to the big city.

“It’s a pretty big change going from a town of 300 people to Bismarck,” Brandon said.

“It was weird not actually seeing fields everywhere, and actually seeing houses and cars and whatnot,” Hudson said.

But for these Scranton ballplayers, you just can’t beat those fields back home.

“I’m definitely ready to go back. I kind of miss home a little bit,” Hudson said.

BSC finished their season this past weekend in the Mon-Dak Conference Tournament.

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