College Football: Dickinson State’s Moreno willing to do anything for the school


Dickinson State football ranks 21st in total defense this season, and a major contributor to that has been linebacker Danny Moreno.

Like any other transfer, linebacker Danny Moreno had to earn his time on the field. 

“I really didn’t start the first couple games,” linebacker Danny Moreno said, “but then after that, I really wanted to better myself and surround myself around the football.”

The California native earned a starting linebacker spot midway through last year and hasn’t looked back. This year he’s emerged as the team’s leading tackler and one of their best pass rushers.

“He’s been our playmaker and he’s made plays all over the field,” Dickinson State head coach Pete Stanton said. “He’s very intelligent, and just a tremendous teammate and tremendous person. He’s just one of those guys that does everything you ask.”

Even if it’s not football related, Moreno will probably do what you ask. Take last spring for example. A football teammate was on DSU’s final baseball team, and he told Moreno that the squad needed more numbers. 

“He had told me there’s an opportunity to play baseball. I’m like, ‘Tell the coach I’m down,'” Moreno said.

Even though he hadn’t been on a diamond in a while.

“The last time I played baseball was probably high school, so that was probably three years ago,” Moreno said.

And jumping right into college baseball is about as easy as it sounds.

“My batting wasn’t all there,” Moreno said. “I hadn’t swung a bat in three years, but other than that it was mostly my defense that was on point.”

It didn’t even matter that the baseball team wasn’t winning. Moreno loves the DSU culture so much that he’ll give up time and energy in order to help other teammates and friends. And helping others is exactly what he plans to do after graduation.

“After Dickinson State, I’m going to go back home and become a firefighter just like my brothers,” Moreno said.

The 19th ranked Blue Hawks travel to face Presentation this Saturday. The Blue Hawks shut them out 59-0 earlier this season.

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