College Volleyball: Lebeda-Tetzlaff looks to repeat Black Hills State’s success at U-Mary


U-Mary volleyball coach Korie Lebeda-Tetzlaff is no stranger to turning programs around. The new Marauders head coach spent the last three years helping build Black Hills State into a playoff team and that experience is one of the reasons why she is comfortable at U-Mary.

“Building that team and program to where it is now was definitely huge for my experience now,” Korie Lebeda Tetzlaff said. “I’m seeing a lot of correlations from teams of the past to this team.”

Lebeda Tetzlaff arrived on campus in late January, and she got her new team together as quick as she could.

“We had a spring portion of time together which was nice,” Lebeda Tetzlaff said. “Some of the returners could then get used to the verbiage I use and some of the things we’re doing. We did individual meetings and then team meetings, and the goal behind that is to get to know them as people and essentially go through the recruiting process with them.”

It was a bonding strategy that paid off immediately.

“All the girls responded well to the coach,” setter Sydney Murphy said. “She’s worked hard to get individual and team meetings and just build that team bond. It’ super exciting just to have a coach that’s so into the players and into the program, and just ready to get the best out of us every single day.”

And for Lebeda Tetzlaff, whether you’re an assistant coach or head coach, the job is always about making that connection with your players.

“Honestly, my big push has been trying to be myself as much as possible,” Lebeda Tetzlaff said.  “I think being authentic and being human is huge for the team and the culture and what we’re trying to build.”

The Marauders have back-to-back home matches this Friday and Saturday. Friday’s match will be against St. Cloud State at 6 p.m.

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