Demons Head Coach Steps Down Following Fargo Davies and Grand Forks Red River Coach Departures

Bismarck High boys hockey head coach Mike Peluso told KX Sports Saturday night that he and the entire coaching staff would be stepping down after 11 years.

KX Sports spoke on the phone with Peluso earlier tonight. He said the coaching departures at Fargo Davies and Grand Forks Red River signaled that it was time to move on. Peluso said those departures were linked to allegations of using intimidating language toward players.

“You get nervous. You don’t want something like that to be the reason why you get out of coaching. You always want to leave on your own terms. When you see certain things happening out there–you don’t know if somebody could take something the wrong way and categorize you into that,” says former head coach Mike Peluso.

Peluso says it was difficult to tell the players of the decision today, but that he’s proud of the work the team put in this season. According to Peluso, there is no word on a possible successor to the head coaching job.

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