Expedition League: Big Sticks players bonded quickly

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Starting a new summer baseball franchise comes with plenty of challenges, and one of them is getting a whole clubhouse full of strangers to gel right before a season begins.

Big Sticks Manager Hayden Pewitt was the last to filter into Dickinson as college baseball season wound down. As he made his way to the first team meeting, he said he was trying to think of different ice breakers hthe team could do so the first day wouldn’t be awkward.

Once he arrived, Pewitt said the players were already acting like a team.

“When I walked in the first day and met everybody at the team meal, it was unbelievable,” Pewitt said. “Nobody was sitting off to the side. Everybody was talking. Everybody was introducing themselves to me without me having to say anything.”

The Big Sticks open a five-game homestand Saturday night against the Hub City Hotshots.

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