This week’s Friday Night Frenzy athlete of the week is Westhope Newburg point guard Ellie Braaten.

The junior has had an exciting week from breaking not one but two school records, rebounding and all-time scoring.

She says while they’re both big accomplishments, she’s prouder of the rebounding mark because she’s only 5’3″.

Braaten says she didn’t know she was close to breaking the records and she tries to set individual goals for every game, usually during the national anthem.

“I kind of take everything one game at a time. So, it’s kind of an individual game accomplishment for me. Like, before a game I’ll say, ‘I want this many assists, or this many rebounds or steals.’ I’m not as worried about the points as much as everything else, I guess,” said Braaten.

She says her goals in the next few weeks are some she’s had for a while: to make it to the District Championship and then Region Championship.