Girls HSBB: Grant County thrilled Alt twins stuck with basketball


The Grant County girls’ basketball team captured their first ever state title over the weekend. Two of the key contributors were the Camryn and Coral Alt. And the twins are just sophomores.

As Camryn and Coral Alt celebrate an historic moment in Grant County, there was a time the twins did not want to play basketball.

“They didn’t like to mingle too much with other people,” Hiedi Alt said. “They were just to themselves.”

Mom quickly told the girls they did not have an option.

“You’re coming into fourth grade,” Hiedi said, “you’re going to start basketball. They cried. They did not want to go play.”

But ever since that moment, Camryn and Coral have loved the sport.

However, they never lost their twin bond.

“We already know what we are going to do even though we haven’t said it yet,” Camryn said. “It’s like telepathic.”

But when Camryn went down earlier this season with an injury, Coral was left alone.

“When you don’t have some one who thinks the exact same thing at the exact same time,” Coral said, “it’s a little bit tough.”

As the girls made their second trip to the Class B State tournament, Coral was the team’s second leading scorer.

“It prepared me a little more to just not be so nervous,” Coral said, “and just play the game.”

While Camryn was one of the top rebounders.

“Last year,” Camryn said, “I was pretty nervous playing for the first time on varsity. Since I’ve done it before, it’s kind of laid back and smooth.”

Probably as smooth as a state championship.

Next year, the Alt twins will be the only returning starters from this season’s team.

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