Golf Talk: Bunker Shots

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In this week’s Golf talk, golf professional Cole Baker teaches us about bunker shots.

So I’m going to go through the stance, the setup and where we want to strike it.

So what we are going to do is open that stance.

I want to get a good solid base to keep or lower body quiet.

From there, I’m going to hit about an inch behind the ball. I’m not going to hit with a close, standard face. I’m going to open that face up a little bit. I’m also going to cheat that forward in my stance. 

For my swing path, I’m going to swing on my stance line.

I have to make sure I accelerate through the ball and makes sure I hit my target where I want to hit behind it. I’m not making contact with the ball first. 

From there we have to make sure we accelerate through the ball and create a good splash. From there, let the ball release and roll out to the hole. 

When getting a fried egg or a plug lie in the bunkers how do we approach that? Most amateurs are going to come up and open the face wide open and try to accelerate through which will work some of the time.

However, an easier shot that I like to hit is I get a little bit more square with the clubface and then I’m still hitting behind it and accelerate through it.

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