Golf Talk: Hitting a Draw shot

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In this week’s Golf Talk, golf professional Cole Baker shows you how to hit a draw shot.

The easiest way I can tell somebody or teach somebody to hit a draw is to try and keep everything similar, close the stance a little bit, ball position just a hair back and then I’m going to focus on keeping that club face closed, but where I want to start the ball is where I’m going to aim my club face.

Club face is kind of where I want my ball to finish. I’m coming down keeping that club on this inside and making sure I extend through after impact. If we cut it short and we’re here, that’s where you’ll get that big snaphook or you might still block it left and not get that draw spin.

Most people are obviously getting that shaft vertical and getting over the top especially if we want to hit a draw, we gotta make sure that the club comes on the inside which is going to be more close to the body. And that grip pointing outwards versus into us.

So a good reason that I would hit a draw obviously if you have a helping wind, you can kind of let that ball ride that wind a little bit so you don’t need a big huge draw or a big huge hook and just hit a nice little tight draw, and that winds going to take it but you’re going to get that distance, if not a little bit more.

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