Governors’ pitching relies on composure, trust

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The Governors’ first practice at home since their trip to Omaha centered on hitting. That’s because this past weekend, the team’s pitching was top notch. 

“We faced some tough teams, so when you face tough teams, you really have to be careful with the ball,” pitcher Jake Olson said.

But being careful does not mean being too cautious. Coach Mike Skytland said for pitchers like Olson, success can be found when you refuse to get rattled on the hill.

“Jake’s just got great composure on the mound. He knows he can get the job done, and he’s going to battle no matter what he has to do. If you can stay in the moment, always look at the next pitch instead of what’s happened–easier said than done, but that’s what you’d like to do.”

Olson obviously can’t be a one man show out there. He has to put his trust in his defense, and Skytland says that trust makes everyone better.

“Our pitchers are confident in the defense behind them, and that definitely helps them execute pitches and not just try to strike people out,” Skytland said. “You want to make them hit the ball, but make them hit your pitch, and you surely have to trust your defense to that.”

And it’s clear that Olson has taken that message to heart.

“I have 100 percent trust in the defense behind me,” he said.

The Governors next travel to Williston on Tuesday.


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