Hockey: Century grad Rauhauser returns, skates with current Patriots

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Bowling Green star defenseman Alec Rauhauser made a name for himself during his high school days as a Century Patriot.

“We had Al for us as a freshman,” Century head coach Troy Olson said. “He came up, and it took him about until December to hit his stride, and once he did that he really never looked back.”

The current college sophomore was an All-State defenseman for the Patriots, but his game went beyond just defense.

“I’ve always kind of been more offensive, even in high school. My senior year I played forward,” Rauhauser said.

His offense has translated at the college level, as he currently leads the Falcons in points scored.

“This second year in Bowling Green, he’s really taking off. He’s running the point on the power play,” Olson said.

Rauhauser enjoys coming back to skate with the high school team, and he’s always willing to explain how the game changes with each level you move up.

“Going from Century to junior hockey, it’s the speed and how big people are,” Rauhauser said. “And then you go to college, and now you’re playing against 23-24 year-olds who are all developed and strong.”

Both Olson and seniors like Isaiah Thomas say they value when someone like Alec comes back.

“If I see him do something or I feel like I did something that I could’ve done better, he’s definitely one of the guys I’ll go ask questions, like ‘Hey could I have done this better?'” Thomas said.

“It’s always nice to see the college guys come back and skate with us, and it shows our guys what the next level looks like, and how much work you have to put in to get there,” Olson said.

And there’s one thing Rauhauser hopes the high school players take away from his example.

“Coming through Bismarck, they know that they can make it to the college level, even if they stay all four years,” Rauhauser said.

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