House Divide: Grinsteiners split between St. Mary’s, Century

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The Grinsteiner home is a house divided. Benjamin is a senior at St. Mary’s, while Gracie is a junior at Century. If you think the rivalry between these two schools is intense, things get even more heated between the siblings.

“Track meets my dad wears a St. Mary’s sweatshirt and my mom wears a Century sweatshirt,” Benjamin said. 

With Gracie and Ben at different schools, life is a little weird.

“It was weird at first,” Gracie said.

“We have a lot of family rivalry stuff going on between St. Mary’s and Century,” Ben said. 

Ben was zoned to attend Century with his sister, but decided to be with his friends at St. Mary’s.

“So I transferred when I was a freshman,” Ben said. “She stayed.”

Brother and sister still see each other every night at home. That’s where the fun begins.

“I like to talk a little trash at home,” Ben said, “and she just kind of takes it.”

“We definitely motivate each other a lot by teasing each other,” Gracie said. 

Most of the good-natured ribbing is about qualifying times, but sometimes they joke about when they raced as kids.

“Usually I won,” Ben said. “The only way she beat me is if she cheated. Then I’d cry because I was younger and I’d get upset because I lost.”

While Gracie and Ben can get under each other’s skin at home, they are each other’s biggest supporters on meet days.

“Usually we don’t compete at the same time,” Gracie said, “So I make sure to cheer him on.”

“I always root for my sister she’s family,” Ben said. “So I always have to root for her.”

Last year, both Grinsteiner’s qualified for state in relay events. 

The next time Ben and Gracie can cheer each other on is April 20, when both schools are scheduled to be at the Community Bowl.

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